"Biella tra 'l monte e il verdeggiar de' piani lieta guardante l'ubere convalle,
ch'armi ed aratri e a l'opera fumanti camini ostenta..."

- Giosuè Carducci

Logo MA.AL.BI.

MA.AL.BI. Manifatture Alto Biellese produces fashion accessories using the finest yarns in wool, silk, cashmere and linen since 1947 in Biella, "the city of wool".
Worldwide leader in production of high hand "made in Italy" scarves and stoles.

Private Label

We develop many exclusive items for our customers, customizing the product to follow their desires and needs. We are proud to work with many of the major brands of italian and international fashion and most prestigious clothing distributors in the world.

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Fine yarns

We use only the best raw materials. Our products follow very complex finishing procedures which enhance the quality of the yarns and make the touch and the aspect of our products wonderful.

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Made in Biella

The passion for our work is the same that binds us to our land. For decades, Biella has been a landmark for textiles and fashion worlds. In today’s globalization we like to emphasize the strong connection between us and our city.

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Tradition and beauty

Hundreds of compositions, sizes, colors and designs are brought to life by giving shape to our high quality products. Our goal is to transmit this passion for the beauty through our accessories.

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Our backoffice supports customers from the selection to the sampling and the delivery. Our way of working consists in fast and accurate answers, in order to offer high product quality and high level service.

70 Years of tradition and style

When a company survives by its founders, it becomes something holy and who comes after has the duty to do everything he can not to turn off that dream. Looking at the past, we are so proud and touched that MA.AL.BI. was born such a long time ago, so far from our today’s reality, and passed through 70 years of stories, people, pains and pleasures. We keep firmly looking towards the future, we will continue the dream, the idea of our pioneers and of all the people who worked here and contribute to imagine, produce and export the beauty and the quality of our products around the world.

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Immagine news GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard

GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard

News 25/09/2018

In July we have obtained Gots cerification for all process of production and packaging!

Immagine news New Fall / Winter Collection 2019-20

New Fall / Winter Collection 2019-20

News 24/09/2018

MA.AL.BI. showcase the new Fall / Winter 2018-19 collection.

Immagine news MA.AL.BI. at Première Vision Exhibition | Paris 2018

MA.AL.BI. at Première Vision Exhibition | Paris 2018

Events 07/09/2018

The new Fall/Winter Collection 2019/2020 in preview from the 19th to the 21st of September 2018 in Paris. 


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